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How Do We Pick The Prizes We Make Available?

We always shoot for a mix of cash, gift card and prizes. Most of our team has a long background in the sweepstakes industry and, with that, comes a lot of research and knowledge of what people like to win. Every time we ask, the #1 answer is cash. Cash...

How Winners Are Selected and Notified On WinPrizesHere

We're often asked, "Does anyone really win anything"? Or "Can You Pick Me To Win". Both are great questions and easy to answer

Yes, we award prizes to winners. And we love doing so. We're a free-to-play sweepstakes site and we love awarding...

Is WinPrizesHere REALLY Free?

When you see the word "free" on anything, you probably are a little skeptical that it's for real. Right? We all feel that way sometimes.

So, what about WinPrizesHere? Is it really free? Simply said, YES!

WinPrizesHere does not charge you to enter sweepstakes. No...

Winner Notification Emails

We all want to win.

So, make sure you know if you're a winner by taking a few critical steps to ensuring we can get in touch should you be selected as a winner.

Prevent important emails, like a winning notification email, from ending up in your spam folder, or not getting to you at all....

Do You Want To Win?

Of course you do! We all want to win, a lot. So, what can you do to improve your chances to win on WinPrizesHere, or any sweepstakes site? Submit the maximum number of entries for each WinPrizesHere giveaway, every day. If you can enter to win 5 times a day, for example, and...