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How Do We Pick The Prizes We Make Available?

We always shoot for a mix of cash, gift card and prizes.  Most of our team has a long background in the sweepstakes industry and, with that, comes a lot of research and knowledge of what people like to win.  Every time we ask, the #1 answer is cash.  Cash is always the most popular prize to enter and, of course, to win.  

Second in popularity to cash are gift cards.  From Visa Gift Cards to Retail gift cards to food and beverage gift cards - everyone wants to win these cash equivalents that offer the same buying power as cash, but more flexibility on how to store and spend the value.  

Right behind gift cards in popularity are electronics.  We are often asked to offer tablets, smart phones, laptops, TVs and more.  Whether we offer a Kindle Fire tablet, an iPad, an iPhone, Android phone, UHD TVs, laptops or chromebooks, we are always reading emails from entrants asking for more.  Not quite as much as we're asked to offer cash giveaways, but not far behind.  

A Chromebook, for example, offers a great chance to win a laptop that can simplify and improve your life.  You can work, stream, surf and more -anywhere you can get internet access. And they're easy to carry around for a lifestyle that's on the go - at home, at school, wherever.  And if you don't want the chromebook and you're selected as the winner, you can always take the cash equivalent as a PayPal deposit or as an electronic Amazon Gift Card.  That gives the prize winner the flexibility to take the actual prize or to take the cash equivalent.

So, if you have ideas for new prizes or want to see more of what we have to offer, just let us know by dropping us an email at  

We look forward to hearing from you.