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Is WinPrizesHere REALLY Free?

When you see the word "free" on anything, you probably are a little skeptical that it's for real.  Right?  We all feel that way sometimes.

So, what about WinPrizesHere?  Is it really free?  Simply said, YES!

WinPrizesHere does not charge you to enter sweepstakes.  No purchase necessary, no special requirements, just enter to win.  

How can you tell if a sweepstakes site like WinPrizesHere or any site is legitimate?  First, make sure that the site has published and is following the laws that govern their country and sweepstakes.  We're based in the USA so we follow the appropriate local laws. We also make our rules available on every giveaway.

Another major point with sweepstakes sites - if you have to pay to play, it may be best to run away.  Legitimate sites, like WinPrizesHere, make money from the ads you see on the site.  You are not required to click on any of the ads, or purchase any of the promoted products in order to enter or to win prizes on sites like WinPrizesHere.

And, this is a big one, NEVER give your banking information to a sweepstakes site.  That is another red flag that you may be playing on an illegitimate site.  When you give someone your banking information online, you open yourself up to risk of being hacked, or worse, from someone gaining access to the money in your account.  Don't email your banking information to anyone, an never give it to a sweepstakes site.  

We pay our winners via Amazon Gift Card or PayPal deposits because both opens can be managed and completed just with your email address.  We also, from time to time, pay via a check, and in those cases will ask for your full name and postal address so that we can mail a check to you.  But we will never ask for your bank info.  

Lastly, check the winner list.  If there's no published winners list, think twice before you give up your information and/or enter to win.

Have fun and good luck!