Win Prizes Here

Winner Notification Emails

We all want to win.  

So, make sure you know if you're a winner by taking a few critical steps to ensuring we can get in touch should you be selected as a winner.

Prevent important emails, like a winning notification email, from ending up in your spam folder, or not getting to you at all.  WinPrizesHere sends a lot of email, including winner notifications.  And it always makes us sad when we get a 'bounce back' that tells us an email message can't be delivered, or when a winner never responds to claim their prize.  And most of the time when this happens, its because the winner didn't get the email.

To make sure this doesn't happen to you, please check your spam folder to see if emails from WinPrizesHere end up in that mailbox.  If they do, make sure you click "not spam" or drag the email message into your main inbox. That's one important step to making sure you find out if you're a winner.

Equally important, is to make sure you enter to win with your main email address. An email account you check and use frequently.  If we can't get in touch with you to let you know you've won because you didn't use your real email address or you mis-typed your email address, you'd never know the joy of winning on WinPrizesHere.

Lastly, keep track of the end dates for the prizes you want to win.  Check our winners a day or two after the prizes expire and see if your name may be on that winners list. If so, please reach out, as we may have had an issue getting the email to you, for any of the reasons above.

We love - love - to award prizes to our winners.  And really don't like it when we can't get in touch with our winners.  So, please make sure to check your inbox to ensure WinPrizesHere email is getting to your inbox and enter to win with your main email address.

Good luck!  We hope to see your name on the winners list.