Win Prizes Here

Do You Want To Win?

Of course you do!  We all want to win, a lot.  So, what can you do to improve your chances to win on WinPrizesHere, or any sweepstakes site?  Submit the maximum number of entries for each WinPrizesHere giveaway, every day.   If you can enter to win 5 times a day, for example, and you only enter to win 1 time, you've given up four entries.  And if you skip a day, that's another 5 entries.   Make sure you take advantage of the entries you have available to you.

What else can I do?

Well, for WinPrizesHere, it's critical that you use a valid, active email address.  An email address that you check and use often.  If you use a 'fake' email address, your entries may get through, but you'll never know if you're a winner. And make sure you check your email address, as we sometimes get an extra "." or a random character that makes it impossible to send an email to that address.  And, again, if that email address is picked as a winner, that prize would go unclaimed and that's always a big bummer.  Especially for the person who will never know and enjoy the benefits of being a winner.

Know Your Dates

WinPrizesHere giveaways all have expiration dates. Our prizes are available for entry for a period of time and then, just after the completion of the expiration date, we pick a winner.  So, keep track of what prizes you have entered to win and check our winners list right after the expiration date to see if you might be listed as the winner.


Enter to win more than just one giveaway. And don't forget the smaller value prizes.  We often see a rush of entries for our bigger prizes, daily.  And the smaller value prizes don't get as much attention. In those cases, the smaller prizes don't have the same number of entries when they expire, meaning fewer people are eligible to win.  And if you win a prize, big or small, the win always gives you a chance to celebrate some unexpected buying power.  

Keep up the entries and best of luck!